Board Members

Mt. Mourne School 2016-2017 PTSO Board Members

Mission Statement

The role of the Mount Mourne School PTSO is to enhance the educational welfare of the students; to work collaboratively as a bridge between the school , the community, and all Mount Mourne School parents, students, and teachers.

Board Position Contact Info           Position Description
President Anne Zirkle  


704-799-3753 (home)

  • Develop yearly PTSO calendar with Principal and fine tune with other board members
  • Workwith treasurer to develop annual PTSO budget
  • Plan and facilitate PTSO meetings with Parents and Staff
  • Manage all Communications between PTSO and Parent Community
  • Collaborate with the Principal, Student Council President and Teacher Liaisonas needed
  • Coordinate with yearbook committee chair person as needed



Phone:704-658-8490 (cell)

  • Serves as a liaison to the following PTSO Committees and Project Leaders:Teacher Appreciation, Hospitality, Spirit Night
  • If the above committees do not exist due to lack of volunteers, responsible forrecruiting volunteers and/ or the following:securing locations for Spirit Nights, hosting staff appreciation luncheons, purchasing staff birthday gifts, planningand executingTeacher Appreciation Week activities, collecting Holiday Cheer donations and purchasing staff Christmas gifts, providing refreshmentsforPrincipal’s Coffees
  • Assistant to the President
VPs – Fundraising Liv Sutherland

443-536-5441 (cell)

Beth Toomey

717-451-4349 (cell)

  • Support Fundraising Project Leadersif leaders are in place, otherwise responsible forrecruiting volunteers andoverseeing the fund raising activities included in the budget
  • Serves as a liaison to the following PTSO Committees:Phoenix Discount Cards, Box Tops,Phoenix Fund Drive, Spirit Wear, Showcasing the Arts
  • If the above committees do not exist due to lack of volunteers, responsible for these fund raising activities, and/or obtaining volunteers.
VPs – Events AnnMarieChristiano 

201-394-4114 (cell)


(317) 371-5618 (cell)

  • Serve as liaison to following committeesand ensure that the events on PTSO calendar are planned and executed: Student Socials/Events, Off campus events, Showcasingthe Arts, special events (awards ceremonies, 8thgrade promotion)
  • If the above committees do not exist due to lack of volunteers, responsible forrecruiting volunteers and/ orplanning and execution of Fall socials, Halloween Party, Showcasing the Arts, and 8thGrade Promotion
RecordingSecretary Jennifer Christian

704-999-3398 (cell)

  • Attend all PTSO meetings and keep accurate minutes, distribute minutes to board members for revisions/additions. Upon approval of minutes submit final version to Corresponding Secretary


Corresponding Secretary BrandyMontambo

980-254-0139 (cell)

  • Act as webmaster forPTSO website, including postingmeeting minutes to PTSO website, updating the calendar, posting and updating the budget, adding news items as needed


Treasurer BrianVandivier

704-660-5858 (home)

704-949-2410 (cell)

  • Manage and maintain all PTSO funds, including bill approval and payment
  • Collaborate with President to createPTSO budget
  • Maintain PTSO Budget
  • Track spending by project and update PTSO members
  • Submit tax documents
  • Manage corporate matching donations


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